Welcome to Uncommon Rhythm

Welcome to Uncommon Rhythm, the show that follows four dancers as they take you to a different country each episode in search of the world’s most difficult dance styles and the cultures that have inspired them.  The hosts have 72 hours to learn and then perform one of the styles while immersing themselves (and you) in the local people, food, sights, sounds, and culture.

Movement is the simplest and most profound form of communication–you see it even in the animal kingdom.  With nothing more than the clothes on your back…and sometimes not even that…you can express the most complicated of ideas and emotions simply through moving your body.  Most major cultures have their own “native” dance or style of movement.   Uncommon Rhythm seeks to find and explore the most challenging of these styles of dance–exploring cultures around the world through their music and dance traditions, local customs, historical sites, and cuisine (both haute and “street”).

To accomplish this four professional dancers travel to different countries, connect with locals, and are faced with the challenge of having only 72 hours to learn the local style of dance for performance to the local “experts”.  Throughout the journey, show hosts explore local culture, visit points of interest, deliver the occasional bit of travel advice, experience opportunities for local adventure, and sample street and haute food.

Uncommon Rhythm is part travel show and part music and dance exploration, combined with tasting of new flavors and foods AND the additional drama of a mere 72 hour deadline of to learn complex new movements that take lifetimes to master.

We really don’t know how we will do.  But you will get to see our trials in all of their glory and pain.

Through this journey you will experience many things and have the opportunity to travel with us on the grandest adventure of all, exploring life across this awesome place we call home.

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