Meet the Team

  • Jonathan Lindsey

    Jonathan Lindsey

    Known for his dynamic style and technical knowledge, Jonathan has danced, taught, competed and performed throughout North America and Europe since 1999. He is founder and choreographer of the performance group Savage Rhythm. Jonathan holds several TV credits, and performance credits include work in New York, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Arizona. More

  • Dabney Hopkins

    Dabney Hopkins

    Dabney Hopkins is a dancer from Mesa, AZ. His passion lies in the dance styles from the Swing Era, and he has dedicated over a decade of his life to spreading this love. He is a national competitor, has performed with the Hollywood Hotshots in LA, taught throughout the U.S., and has made several television appearances. More

  • Ben White

    Ben White

    Seattle based Ben White has been addicted to all things dance since 2003, when his studies in theater led him to musical movement. He has dabbled in all manner of dance styles, from ballet, to modern and tap to hip hop, and he has found his passion in the American dances of the 1930’s to the 1950’s. Ben is a seasoned performer and competitor, holding a degree in theatre and a plethora of experience on stage and in film acting and as voice over. More

  • Stina Dallons

    Stina Dallons

    Based out of Brooklyn, Stina has been performing in dance and theater all her life. An avid classic movie buff, she fell in love with Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, and Anne Miller. She took tap lessons from a retired rockette on linoleum floors to learn the basics of swing rhythms and finesse. She specializes in putting character into her dance, so watch for funny faces. She currently works as a professional swing and tap dancer for Experience the Ride in NYC and is a member of the award winning Brooklyn Bombshell Review. More

  • Karen Vizzard

    Karen Vizzard

    Karen began her career as a dancer in 2003, in Santa Monica. Since then, has taught at Utah State and the University of Utah, and coached the Swing Team at Brigham Young University. She has performed with the Hollywood Hotshots, has been featured as a dancer in Katy Perry’s music video “Thinking of You” and been a principal dancer on the TV show “Cold Case.” More

  • Lainey Silver

    Lainey Silver

    Based out of NYC, Lainey Silver is an enthralling performer, who embraces the music and the audience whenever she hits the dance floor. She is a member of Swing FX, the Lindy Hop All Stars, the Sugarfoot Follies, and Dawn’s Dancin’ Divas. Lainey is also an international lindy hop competitor and has placed in a number of contests. More